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Hello my name is Beatrix Hausknecht. My nickname is Boddenlady.

I am 34 years old and live in Bad Liebenstein/Thüringen/Germany and I love fishing since about three years. Through my boyfriend Daniel Hüther I discovered my love for fishing.

Through all of the fishing tours to the "Bodden" (see description at the bottom of the page) is the predator, especially the pike my absolutely favorite fish.

Thüringen is very far away from my favorite waters up in the north, so I also like to go fishing in the waters close by. In the lakes, ponds and rivers nearby I enjoy fishing for carp in the peaceful nature where I can get away from the everyday stress.

Been lucky enough to catch quite a few fish over the years on our fishing- tours . That is why the Bodden is my favorite hot spot. It is also the place where I caught my personal best. It was bigger than my prior catch in (08/2010, 112 cm). My 1,20m big Pike was the best and most enjoyable moment in my short fishing time and made it to a hobby for a life time.

The stillness in the morning can be an illusion

My boyfriend Daniel Hüther and I started off our fishing day with some good companions on our side. We planned our strategy carefully because a weather warning was given out from the German weather service DWD for the designated area with waging winds to blow in gusts of up to 7bft from the early afternoon onwards.

Firstly, we tried our luck on some well-known spots located near a ship passageway. Extremely strong currents prevailing on the underwater ridge made jig-fishing merely impossible. The boys and I contemplated for a moment, and figured after 2 hours of inopportune and unproductive fishing to change the water zone and to try a different strategy. After-all we were only catching small fry here.

The wind gusts of up to 6bft had reached us and came just like the predicted forecast promised. But instead of losing the faith in our purpose driven, we did not give up hope and kept on fishing. Suddenly, we came to an old fishing spot. Even though we had our doubts about the unusual water depth for this time of year in the winter on the" Bodden" , we decided to try our luck and suddenly "boom", we had some mega bites! The first drift did not bring us any rockets but nice Pike. Everyone on the boat had that feeling back again and was having a jolly good time.

Feeling the fever again was fabulous, and all of us believed that it might be that lucky day for each and every single one of us. We forgot all about the hefty wind gusts for a moment, and I personally realized that the drift was getting overwhelmingly strong, too strong. Astonishingly, my endurance kept me casting away. Maybe it was the third cast or so and then came the strike. The bite came heftily and powerful and it was not hectic at all. A sudden thrash and strong head movements that I felt throughout the blank of my spinning rod startled me to say the least. Adrenaline was shooting through my body, and the boys knew it at a glance that it was a real big "bomb."

The mammoth lady pike was not really getting a bit tired during the drill, so time seemed to be endlessly long. We turned the engine off, put out the drifting bag and that is the last thing I noticed before my rod bent over and looked like a half circle. The immense drag was taking a lot of line from my reel, and the big Baltic lady was not making the drill any easier by escaping underneath the boat and trying to dodge the drift. She probably thought this was the best way to shake the treble hook away. My only thought at the moment was not to accidently hit the railing with my rod and another one was to give my personal best not to lose her. Meter after meter of line was finally coming back on my reliable reel. The first time she surfaced made my heart started racing even more. Stillness was in the air when the rest of the crew saw that fish for the first time. My boys started handling with great team spirit, and then everything happened quickly as they hand landed the fish that they estimated at around 15 kg. Wow, total excitement and happiness on board, most of all what a feeling for me. Congratulations, cheers from all, even the other boats in our Team came to congratulate me and my boys.

My whole body was shaking and first of all we hugged each other. The measurement came to exactly 14, 5 kg., and an overall length of an astounding 1, 2 0 m. I would like to take time to thank all that have contributed to making this an adventure and highlight for me that I will never forget. You guys are great, thanks for everything!!!

The brackish water of Germany´s Baltic coast by Rügen

Our fishing team goes fishing in the Baltic sea. The brackish water is a very good feeding ground for some really big mammoth pike. The herring spawn in these waters that are located in the north-eastern part of Germany.

We call these waters the "Bodden", a huge bay on Germany´s Baltic coast by Rügen. Throughout the four seasons the weather can get pretty rough from time to time, so you need a good quality flotation suit to be prepared for the climate changes.

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